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About Natural Organics Plus South Australia

We, the owners of Natural Organic Plus SA have a life long background in broad acre agriculture. With a love of the land and the outdoors inherited from our parents, we are the second generation of Produce Wholesalers in Australia.

For a long period of time we have had a presence in the South Australian produce market, but with the withdrawal in early 2010 of an eastern seaboard Certified Organic wholesaler from the South Australian marketplace, perhaps because of our love of fresh, nutritious and tasty produce, we saw an opportunity to move in to Certified Organic produce.

Our move into Certified Organic produce was not a calculated move, but one driven by passion. A passion that is seen in our motto, Eat Well, Live Longer. Our motto is not a statement that sounds good when read, but a sincerely held belief.

Though we retain a small presence in the conventional produce area, we have quickly established Natural Organics Plus SA as the largest     Certified Organic wholesaler in South Australia. Today we supply almost all South Australian Independent Supermarket chains, mainly Foodlands with Certified Organic Produce. We also supply South Australian retail outlets that specialise solely in Certified Organic produce. In addition we maintain contact with Certified Organic wholesalers Australia wide, supplying and receiving Certified Organic produce from them as required.

From a purpose acquired location next to the Adelaide Produce Market, we deliver pre-packaged or bulk Certified Organic produce at least 5 times a week, and on customer demand no matter how small. We have a strong customer focus.

We also know that for some it may be hard to start farming organically. We have been involved with and helped a small number of South Australian Certified Organic producers.

For the future, Natural Organics Plus SA believes that one of the best ways to grow consumption of Certified Organic produce is through our continuing involvement with Certified Organic producers and to directly market the benefit of Certified Organic produce to the public. This website assists in this task. For any information or request for Certified Organic produce, please use our Contact Us form.

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